Organise an Event at your Institute


EMBO Laboratory Management Courses can be run locally at your institute. As your researchers won’t need to travel, they save time and expense. In addition the courses can be tailored to meet specific needs.

EMBO Laboratory Management Courses provide leadership training for postdocs and group leaders addressing key skills including: negotiation, staff selection and recruitment, leadership and delegation, effective problem solving and communication.

Courses are planned to start at lunchtime on the first day and run either over three or four days (two spaced courses of two days is an alternative format). The usual format of the programme can be found in the Course Overview.

We base our courses on sixteen participants and two trainers.

The local organisers are responsible for arranging and paying directly for the venue, accommodation, seminar room(s), catering etc. for the participants and the trainers.


EMBO arranges

  • Course materials, including badges and certificates of participation
  • Trainers for the course


Local institute arranges

  • Venue
  • Accommodation for trainers and for participants (if needed)
  • Selection of participants


If desired EMBO offers to

  • Advertise the course
  • Provide a registration system
  • Adapt the course to local requirements