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Negotiation for scientists - mindset and tools for lasting partnerships

"See negotiation more as a puzzle than a chess game for better results"

This workshop focuses on negotiation. Participants will gain an understanding and mastery of the negotiation process, which will support them in reaching their professional as well as private goals, and in building lasting partnerships.

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Recognize the characteristics and consequences of various styles of interactions, whether conflictual or not
  • Understand how to build relationships based on interest and opportunity, rather than on conflict or persuasion
  • Get an overview and analysis of the entire negotiation process and master each step
  • Acquire the objectivity and competence necessary to prepare and lead negotiations
  • Know how to prepare in an efficient and detailed way: what they want, how to quantify their aim, how to break it down into negotiable units
  • Master tools directly usable in daily life, whether they are called on to negotiate or not
  • Learn how to use effective questioning techniques, and verbal / non-verbal communication
  • Understand how to build and make an offer, and reach an agreement
  • Increase their negotiation capacities (hands-on practise) in a “risk-free” environment, thus enabling them to be more efficient, save time and share a coherent approach
  • Increase their capacity to build collaborative partnerships

The format of the workshop is highly interactive and practical, involving case-studies, role play, small group work and discussion sessions. Participants will get actively involved in the course, discussing their own life experiences and being self-reflective, in a stimulating and guided process. They will acquire tools that can be readily used in daily life.

Please note that the workshop starts at 9am on the first day and finishes by 2pm on the last day.

Trainer: Melissa Davies   






negotiation - a state of mind
negotiation - a 5-step process
contextual analysis




- negotiation roadmap
- knowing what you want



being face to face
- how to manage the encounter
- the negotiator
- communicator toolbox




how to say what you want, understand what the other wants, share relevant information
- case studies and role play, own roadmaps



how to build, present and work on an offer
tips and conclusion